Got Ant Problems? Schedule Ant Extermination This Spring

Every year, when spring rolls around, the frost melts, the temperatures rise, and ants everywhere emerge from their colonies looking for food. While this is simply nature’s cycle, it can be frustrating for homeowners, as kitchens, trash, and pantries are often the go-to source for ants of all kinds. At Keller Pest Control, one of our most common phone calls in the spring is for ant extermination. People are always curious… what can they do to prevent an ant infestation? What should they do once they notice one? And how do they keep them from returning? In this post, we’ll look at a few things you can do to prevent ants from invading your home.

Keep things tidy

First and foremost, ants are looking for food. Often, they’ll discover food sources in very unlikely places, including long-forgotten cupboards, remote closet corners, and the darkened space beneath your refrigerator. One of the easiest — and most surefire — things you can do to keep ants from visiting your home is to clean up and remove all potential food sources.

Follow the trail

If you do notice ants in — or near — your home, you may be able to follow their trail back to their homes. Often, ants will nest in cracked concrete, shaded hollows, and beneath debris. Take a close look at your yard — and adjoining areas — to ensure that there aren’t any obvious nesting grounds. Should you notice one, don’t hesitate to call the team at Keller Pest Control!

Call a professional

Last but not least, you should seek the help of a professional in ant extermination if you feel overwhelmed. Spring — and spring cleaning — can be an arduous task, one filled with stress and hassle. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders by providing the thorough, effective pest control services that you need.