A proven residential and commercial pest control company

Founded over thirty years ago, Keller Pest Control has gained a reputation in Southwest Michigan as a trusted, time-tested residential and commercial pest control company. Providing our customers with a comprehensive range of services, including mosquito control, termite treatment, and pest inspections, we are the only pest control company around whose services are backed by a renewable lifetime guarantee. Our team works with you to identify issues, develop solutions, and tailor a treatment program that specifically addresses your needs.

At Keller Pest Control, we aim to create lasting relationships with our customers. We aren’t interested in “one and done” jobs. Rather, we want to get to know your home, understand where bugs are coming and going, and find the best way to prevent them from coming back. Throughout the years, many of our customers have spoken highly of our pest control services and referred their friends and family to us. If you’ve been looking for an honest, professional pest control company that has maintained a firm commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your needs.