Hear from customers of our exterminator and pest control services

As a leading exterminator and provider of pest control services in Kalamazoo, South Haven, Gun Lake, Three Rivers, and everywhere in between, Keller Pest Control has earned a reputation for our honesty, integrity, and thoroughness. Every employee, from our salesmen to our technicians, is trained with one purpose in mind: customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in need of a termite exterminator, a pest inspection, or commercial pest control services, you can be confident that our team is well-educated and equipped to handle all of the challenges that your property presents. On this page, you will find a number of testimonials from customers satisfied with our exterminator and pest control services.

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Keller pest control is an exceptional company with the highest standards. They will go above and beyond the normal standards of the industry to accommodate your schedule and pest problem. They are also a locally owned company.

Derek Salyer

With the weather change and warmer temperatures now in full swing I have come into contact with all kinds of unwelcome pests that have required the services of expert pest removal.I called Keller Pest Control and have found a well trained and educated staff with amazing dependable customer service. Thank you Keller!

Geraldine Wright

We use Keller Pest Control at our apartment complex and they are able to solve all our pest control needs from ants to bed bugs to roaches. They are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable and treat our tenants with respect. I highly recommend Keller Pest Control, they make my life easier as a property manager.

Tammy Smith

My landlord has been using this company for the apartments I live in for several years with any pest control issues that I have had. They are very professional​ and do very good work. I have spoken with the owner as well as the staff numerous times and all have been very helpful with all of my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend this company for all your pest control issues.

Melissa Andrews

Awesome Customer service. Derek is Great! he is very helpful and is willing to go above and beyond.

Kelcey King

Ian was very punctual and professional. He had answers to all of my questions, and my wife’s concerns. Ian was sure to be through in his inspections and also with the applications of all services that were agreed upon. We just purchased a home in the area, and the house was infested with wasps nest. Ian took care of all of them, even saw him combat a few brave ornery pests. Top grade technician. Glad we have booked our services through Keller.

Gabriel Luna

Bought a house a year ago that had been abandoned for a few years then flipped. The back yard is against a wooded drainage area as well. Had plenty of spiders & stink bugs inside when I first moved in along with a couple very large nests of ground hornets along the outside of the house. Wanting to use a local service after experiences in past with the national companies not seemingly very effective, I found Keller through the reviews on here, and called them up.The technician that visited, Ian, was extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and willing to answer any questions I had. He took care of the ground hornet nests immediately & in a year they’ve never returned. With his quarterly treatments it’s extremely rare I ever see any bug inside, & when I do it’s typically already dead. Today he noticed a small paper wasp nest starting & immediately took care of it. I’ve been extremely impressed with both Ian & the results I’m receiving from their services, & would recommend both to anyone who wants a bug free home.

Brian Persinger

Keller Pest Control help us out a few times now. The first time we used them to alleviate a bee problem around our dock preventing us from enjoying the lake as much as we wanted too. The second time we used them to protect our newly built house from termites. We first noticed the termites when the landscaping was taking place. Keller placed a termite barrier around the exterior of the entire house thus preventing them from entering the interior. They visit annually to verify that the house is termite free and there are no issues. Both times we used Keller Pest Control the technicians explained the procedure and asked if we had any questions prior to starting the job. They were both very knowledgeable, professional and took care not to destroy our new landscaping while placing the termite barrier. I would highly recommend Keller Pest Control to anybody that needs to remove any nuisance insects.

Jeff VanderMaas

Keller Pest Control is an extremely professional, honest, and friendly service. We live on an inland lake and would be plagued with spiders and their webs if we did not have regular service from Keller. The technicians are knowledgeable and efficient. They are neatly dressed, smiling, and helpful with their advice if they see an additional pest problem. The owner is a careful and thorough businessman who operates in a fair-minded and professional manner. He understands and can explain the details about specific pests so that the purchaser knows exactly what to expect. We have recommended Keller Pest Control to several of our friends in need of its services, and they have been extremely happy with the services rendered. It is a pleasure to do business with such honest, professional people.

Sharon Barry