Enjoy Your Summer without Unwanted Guests with Pest Control in Kalamazoo

The more temperatures rise in the summer, the more you will need capable pest control in Kalamazoo from the experienced knowledgeable professionals at Keller Pest Control. Hot temperature mean fun in the sun, not only for you, but also for the numerous insects that populate Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Rather than spending money on repellant sprays, which are largely ineffective, let us provide you with better solutions, allowing you to enjoy more time in the sun without constantly swatting at party crashing pests.

Bees, Wasps, and Other Dangerous Insects

Nothing can ruin a family picnic like running into aggressive, harmful insects like bees and wasps. This is especially true of anyone who has an allergy to their venom. You should not have to fumble for an EpiPen during a family cookout or a play date with your children’s friends in your own backyard. By using the latest in pest control methods, Keller Pest Control can eradicate the problem to ensure that your property is free from bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, or whatever type of insect that has invaded. We can also safely remove any hives or nests to keep other insects from taking up residency after the first inhabitants have been evicted. Call and tell us how we can help with wasps and bees on your property today!

Mosquito Control for a More Enjoyable Summer

There are many sounds that we immediately recognize during the summer: kids splashing in the pool, the sounds of burgers and hot dogs sizzling on the grill, and unfortunately, that high-pitched buzz of mosquitoes getting too close to our ears. This leads to something else associated with summer – itchy, annoying mosquito bites. Besides the nuisance of constantly needing to be scratched, these bites can also introduce diseases into your body and get you and your family sick. Keller Pest Control can provide you with an effective program that will control the mosquito population on your property, even during the hot, muggy part of summer when they flourish. Call and find out about our mosquito control options today!

Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe with Flea and Tick Control

If you live in a heavily wooded area, then you have to be conscious of ticks, especially if you have pets or kids who wander in the woods. A tick latching on can mean serious trouble, possibly resulting in Lyme disease. Protect your kids, your pets, and yourself with thorough tick control services from Keller Pest Control. With more than 30 year of experience, we can handle your tick problem quickly and effectively. We can also help eradicate fleas and other pests, so call us today.