Keller Pest Control – A Green Pest Control Company

Keller Pest Control has been practicing green pest control procedures since 2007. Green pest control is the use of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) along with an approved list of green pesticides. Keller Pest Control has and uses a list of over 25 green pesticides along with IPM approaches.

We realized around 2007 that people where really interested in less toxic solutions for their pest control needs, as long as they got results. We started implementing the IPM approach to Pest Management along with approved green pesticides.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management), at its core, is a simple, common-sense approach to pest management. We utilize the latest techniques and pesticides to minimize risks to our customers and their pets. To achieve this, all of our technicians are trained to use IPM. They combine inspection with the occasional use of “green” pesticides only where and when they are needed. This is all determined in partnership with our customers in regards to what they feel are acceptable levels of treatments and results.

Our heat treatments for bed bugs are a great example of implementing green pest control solutions. Heat can be used to kill bed bugs without introducing a tremendous amount of pesticides into the home. Keller Pest Control does utilize some pesticides with its Bed Bug Heat treatments but not nearly at the amount of a traditional chemical treatment for bed bugs.