Planning to Reopen Your Business? Call a Professional Ant, Spider, and Termite Exterminator

If you’ve been considering reopening your business, you’re likely looking to get a fresh, clean start with an ant, spider, and termite exterminator. As the premier pest control service in Kalamazoo, Keller Pest Control has all of your needs covered. For over thirty years, we’ve worked with residents of Kalamazoo — and all of Southwest Michigan — to ensure that their homes and businesses are free of pests, rodents, and other unwanted guests. With the industry’s best equipment and a crew of highly trained technicians, business owners have come to rely on us to get the job done… and to get it done right.

Not content to perform “one and done” jobs, we aim to tailor our services to your needs. If you’re in a high-risk industry, one that tends to attract pests, we’ll work with you to create a treatment schedule that gets rid of any existing pests and — more importantly — takes steps to keep them away. Because of this, you avoid the headaches — and costs — of constantly retreating your property when pests return.

When planning to reopen, we encourage business owners to start early. Most pest infestations aren’t noticed until long after the damage has been done… or the infestation has spread throughout the entire building. If you’ve noticed signs of pest presence, it’s best to speak with a professional immediately. When you call us, we’ll ask you to describe what you’ve noticed and, if necessary, we’ll dispatch a technician to inspect your property and make recommendations.

At Keller Pest Control, we strive to act as the best ant, spider, and termite exterminator in Kalamazoo. If you’re looking to welcome the public back into your business, we encourage you to reach out to us, be proactive, and let us help you present your business in the best way possible.