The Stink on Stink Bugs

Stink bugs  or brown marmorated stink bugs  are not a natural found pest in Michigan, rather they are an invasive species that arrived from Asia, which requires a stink bug exterminator to address. They where first found in Pennsylvania in 1996. The stink bug got its name from the odor it releases when threatened or squished.

Adult stink bugs generally feed on fruits, while nymphs feed on leaves, stems, and fruit. These bugs will search for overwinter sites in late fall to avoid the winter weather and will reemerge in early spring. They are not known to bite humans but can become a nuisance as they can invade homes in high numbers.

What can homeowners do to reduce stink bugs in their home?

Stink bugs can easily enter your home through cracks and crevices. It is important that you seal these cracks, especially around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, underneath wood facia, and behind chimneys. Use a quality silicone sealant or calk to seal these areas. Also you should repair any damaged screens on doors and windows.

If you find stink bugs in your home your vacuum is your best friend. Preferably use a shop vacuum to suck them up and empty the vacuum or vacuum bag as soon as your finished into a plastic bag and seal it before throwing it away. This will help prevent the odor from permeating your home. It is also important to clean the area you found them in. You should also call a professional stink bug exterminator like Keller Pest Control to help evaluate the situation and provide a plan on how to help you control the bugs.

Keller Pest Control can also pre-treat your home for stink bugs in late summer or early fall just prior to stink bug congregation. Please remember that as Keller Pest Control can significantly reduce the number of stink bugs to almost nothing, we can’t guarantee that a few will not find there way into your home through roof vents and chimneys where we do not have access to treat.